Is Land

An unreachable Utopia, floating in the sky above

Working with collaborator Sarah Cockings,  we created this manifestation of a mythical utopia, an island of land, floating in the sky, just out of reach. We designed the form, from fabric to be filled with helium, so as to sit in the air, away from the solid ground.

Exhibited at Secret Garden Party in Cambridgshire, the piece was vandalised, being cut free from its tethers and floating up into sky. We then issued a request for any sightings, which was covered by a number of national and international news sources. We recieved a huge number of responses from people claiming to have sighted from all over the world, however as the path of the sightings seemed to track the path of local news sources covering the story we realised that idea of the story was much more interesting than the truth of whether or not the object was actually still floating around.

With help from Secret Garden Party, we remade the balloon and then exhibited it in the Nevada design at Burning Man festival.

Sunset Is Land


Secret Garden Is Land

Burning Man guitar shadeIMG_0789